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Day by day program / October, 2004

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Scientific Events

<< International Conference in "Performance: aesthetics, theory and practice"


First day

10:00am Opening by Bernard Stiegler

10:00am - 01:00pm Interpretation: music in context and situation?

Which conceptual frameworks could enable us to appreciate the musical performance of a work? Can a musical performance be used to address issues habitually defined by the musicologist using the score? In this case, the work’s status must be thought of in terms of its execution. What sort of analysis does interpretation represent?

Participants: Alessandro Arbo ("Contemporary creation and artistic reflection" welcome team n° 3402, from Marc Bloch University, Strasbourg), Eric Clarke (Sheffield University), Michel Imberty (Paris X University, Nanterre), Denis Laborde.

  • 10:10am Michel Imberty
  • 11:00am Eric Clarke
  • 11:30am Break
  • 11:45am Alessandro Arbo
  • 12:15am Denis Laborde
  • 12:45-02:30pm Lunch

02:30 - 06:00pm Musical analysis and interpretation: which methods, which tools, for which stakes?

Is not the performer an analyst? Not only must he make sense of the score (read, decode and segment it) but the executions generated are also the result of an interpretation of the work’s physiognomy, structure and sense. Are these judgments not the reflection of an implicit music analysis? What devices and theories could make them explicit? Recent Anglo-Saxon musicological research will provide the main point of reference.

Participants: Amanda Bayley (Wolverhampton University), Nicholas Cook (Royal Holloway University, London), Nicolas Donin (Ircam), Marta Grabocz ("Contemporary creation and artistic reflection" welcome team n° 3402, from Marc Bloch University, Strasbourg), John Rink (Royal Holloway University, London).

  • 02:30pm John Rink
  • 03:20pm Marta Grabocz
  • 03:50pm Amanda Bayley
  • 04:20pm Break
  • 04:30pm Nicolas Donin
  • 05:00pm Nicholas Cook

Monday, October 18, 10:00am-01:00pm and 02:30 pm-06:00pm / IRCAM, salle Igor-Stravinsky, Espace de projection

  • Translation from English to French uniquely for this day

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