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Day by day program / October, 2004

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Scientific Events

International Conference in "Performance: aesthetics, theory and practice"

10:00am-01:00pm and 02:30 pm-06:00pm / IRCAM, salle Igor-Stravinsky, Espace de projection

From the point of view of the instrumentalist or the musicologist, the question of interpretation is central to any discussion into music and the role of the performer. Whether in the hands of a Maestro or a "grande traditore", it has always been fundamental to the definition of musical aesthetics. Interpretation, it could be said, is what brings contemporary music to us.

First day | Monday, October 18
Second day | Tuesday, October 19
Improvisation with computer workshop | Wednesday, October 20

International "Sound and Music Computing 2004" Conference

IRCAM, Salle Igor-Stravinsky, Espace de projection

SMC'04 is the first edition of the international conference founded by the AFIM and the AIMI. After this first year, SMC will take place alternately in Italy and France and will replace the JIM (Journées d’Informatique Musicales) and CIM (Colloquium on Musical Informatics).

Improvisation with computer workshop | Wednesday, October 20
First day | Wednesday, October 20
Second day | Thursday, October 21
Third day | Friday, October 22

"Voice and new technologies" seminar

Since Ircam’s creation, considerable research has been carried out in the domain of the voice.

10:00am-01:00pm and 02:30pm-06:00pm / IRCAM, salle Igor-Stravinsky | Thursday, October 21

"Computer science and music education" seminar

Gathering of music teachers from state schools and conservatories, to discuss their educational experiences with Musique Lab and the extension of such experiences as part of the new Ircam/French Ministry of Education/Ministry of Culture collaboration.

10:00am-01:00pm and 02:30pm-06:00pm / IRCAM, Salle Igor-Stravinsky  | Friday, October 22

Sound archives and technologies for patrimonial development

In partnership with the Ministry of Culture’s research and technology mission, a look into problems of digitalization, indexing, development and access to French cultural patrimony as well as tools for the development of sound patrimony.

02:00pm-06:00pm / IRCAM, Studio 5 | Friday, October 22

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