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Day by day program / October, 2004

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Open-House Weekend

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First afternoon

02:30pm Voice modification for theatre actors

Éric Génovèse (actor, member of Comédie-Française) and Romain Kronenberg (electroacoustics director).

03:30pm Analysis of methods for playing string instruments

Franck Bedrossian (composer), Emmanuel Fléty (researcher, Ircam) and Frédéric Bevilacqua (researcher, Ircam).

04:30pm Physical model synthesis (Modalys software) and interpretation

Nicholas Ellis (researcher, Ircam) and Joël Bensoam (researcher, Ircam).

05:30pm From electronics to orchestra

Yan Maresz (composer).

06:30pm From writing to synthesis and spatialisation

Carlos Agon Amado (researcher, Ircam).

Saturday, October 16, 02:30pm-07:30pm / IRCAM, salle Igor-Stravinsky

  • Acces conditions: free entrance, on a first-come first-serve basis

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