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Day by day program / October, 2004

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Sound archives and technologies for patrimonial development

In partnership with the Ministry of Culture’s research and technology mission, a look into problems of digitalization, indexing, development and access to French cultural patrimony as well as tools for the development of sound patrimony.

02:00pm Introduction and welcome

Speakers: Vincent Puig (IRCAM), Christophe Dessaux (MRT)

02:15pm Overview on the national plan for digitalization

Speakers: Christophe Dessaux (MRT), Hugues Gennevois (LMA/MRT)

02:30pm Access to MNATP archives

Speaker: Jean Pierre Dalbera (MNATP)

03:00pm Access to MMSH archives

Speakers: Véronique Ginouvès (MMSH), Jean-Christophe Peyssard (MMSH)

03:30pm Access to BNF archives

Speaker: Pascal Cordereix (BNF)

04:00pm Issues related to sound archives access

Speakers: Michael Fingerhut, Xavier Sirven, Ludovic Gaillard (IRCAM)

04:30pm Ircam musical archives documentation : the Mustica project

Speakers: Xavier Sirven, Bertrand Cheret (IRCAM)

04:45pm New tools for accessing sound archives : Web radio and "DVD à la Carte" Projects

Speakers: Marc Texier, Ludovic Gaillard, Julien Bloit (IRCAM)

05:15pm Indexation, Standards and databases in the Semantic HIFI project

Speaker: Jérôme Barthélémy (IRCAM)

05:30pm Technological issues and latest developments on the SDX platform

Speaker: Martin Sévigny (AJLSM)

06:00pm End of presentations

Resonances 2004 closing cocktail

Friday, October 22, 02:00pm-06:00pm / IRCAM, Studio 5

  • Access conditions: free entrance, on a first-come first-serve basis

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