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Day by day program / October, 2004

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Day by day program

<< International Conference in "Performance: aesthetics, theory and practice"
<< International "Sound and Music Computing 2004" Conference


Improvisation with computer workshop

Part of both the international conference of interpretation and the SMC’04 international conference, organized in collaboration with the Electronic Music Foundation as part of its 10th anniversary.

This workshop is dedicated to the interaction between man and machine inside an improvisational context. Beyond simple sound effects and the immediate processing of sound signals produced by the musician, now rather uninspiring, these presentations aim to focus on a modeling of musical structure and an interaction of the musician with this model. As such, can the computer expand the musical field and in entering into an exchange with the musician, create surprises within a controlled framework?

Each hour-long session will address a musical/technological problem using sound illustrations followed by the live performance of an artist specialized in improvisation, putting into practice the systems presented.

Participants (to be confirmed) : Joel Chadabe (Electronic Music Foundation), Benny Sluchin (trombonist, Ensemble Intercontemporain), Matt Black (Coldcut/Ninjatune) and Russel (Vjamm/Headspace), Robert Rowe (musician, researcher, New York University), Bernard Lubat (multi-instrumentalist, composer), George Lewis (trombonist, composer), Roscoe Mitchell (saxophonist, Art Ensemble of Chicago), George Bloch (trombonist, composer), Steve Coleman (saxophonist, composer), David Wessel (director of CNMAT of Chicago, Berkeley UNiversity), Gérard Assayag (Ircam researcher), Marc Chemillier (Ircam researcher), Gilbert Nouno (Ircam researcher).

Consult the Program

Wednesday, October 20, 02:00pm-07:00pm and 08:00pm-12:00pm / IRCAM, Espace de projection

  • Access conditions: by registration only
  • Fees: 30 euros (no reductions)
  • Simultaneous translation from English to French

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