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Day by day program / October, 2004

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Day by day program

Public visit

Research Teams

Scientific teams will present their projects and research presently underway.

A chance to take a futuristic look at music, to get a glimpse of the latest creative and compositional tools and to discuss issues of musical writing and interpretation, as well as the latest advances in music technology with researchers.

Room Acoustics

  • live spatialisation of sound (Spatialisateur)
  • virtual acoustics for sound and multimedia installations
  • new devices for 3D audio
  • tools for interactive 3D audio creations

Instrumental Acoustics

  • modified concert instruments
  • physical model sound synthesis (Modalys)
  • study of acoustics and the modeling of existing instruments

Analysis and Synthesis

  • vocal processing for concert and film (SuperVP, AudioSculpt and Diphone Studio)
  • content sound description and processing

Sound Design

  • virtual sound sources for concert or installations and augmented instruments
  • tools and methods for industrial object, public space and multimedia sound design

Musical Preception and Cognition

  • perception of musical structures in concert situations (project in conjunction with the composer Roger Reynolds: presentation of the CD-ROM Angel of Death)
  • experimental methods for psychoacoustics

Musical Representations

  • computer-assisted composition and analysis
  • generative and improvised music
  • processing and spatialisation

Online Services

  • communal space for research and access to sound samples (CUIDADO project)
  • home listening and musical archive navigation (Semantic HIFI project)

Real Time Applications

  • real-time analysis, processing and synthesis in Max/MSP
  • automatic performer following
  • gesture recognition and synthesis control (instrumental gests, choreography)

Analysis of musical practices

At the Multimedia library, level +2

  • hypermedia music analysis as part of the "Guided listening" project

Mechanics workshop

  • presentation of instruments created at Ircam such as the "wah-wah" mute, the clarinet with variable mouthpiece, the artificial mouth for trumpet and the Timée fabrication mould

Free Software and Software Engineering

  • free software and Linux music and sound distribution

Saturday, October 16 and Sunday, 17, 02:00pm-08:00pm / IRCAM, level -2

  • Access conditions: free entrance on a first-come first-serve basis

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