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Day by day program / October, 2004

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Day by day program

Friday, October 15, 2004

installationSound Installations

Apart from concerts, a selection of sound installations will be presented in the studios and public areas of IRCAM, some of them using real time interaction technology or virtual reality devices.

standsDemonstration stands

Presentation stands for laboratories, companies and educational establishments active in the field of music technology.

music-theatreLe Privilège des chemins by Fernando Pessoa
musicElectronic music concerts organized by Ars Longa

The third year of this kind of electronic music fringe festival, organized by Ars Longa in partnership with Confluences and Mains d’oeuvres.

exhibition"Listening" exhibition
conference-courseIRCAM Forum Workshops / From Studio to Stage

Ircam’s musical assistants and composers in creation, present a rich selection of audio extracts, compositional sketches and software models.

colloquiumInternational Sound Design Symposium / Medias/Debate

This Second Symposium on Sound Design will provide a platform to players in every sound design category in order to exchange a multitude of sound design knowledge, practices and habits, and thus bring out the various contributions of sound design in everyday life, which concern our sound environment as well as our reflection on sound.

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