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Day by day program / October, 2004

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Day by day program


Demonstration stands

Presentation stands for laboratories, companies and educational establishments active in the field of music technology.

Partners and Exhibitors : Informations

Fraunhofer IDMT

Audio ID system for the automatic real-time recognition of a piece of music: DJ-Tool, live remix software with cross-fade and tempo synchronisation tools. QbH/Singtone, melody search application using the voice and creation of ring-tones; automatic localisation of sound files.

IPE Music

FINALE 2004 is know a true musical and educational workstation based on the music score. It features impressive new capabilities for  music training.

Composition, writting, score edition: for musicology, methods, exercises… Mix your music with texts, schémas, pictures... Even more : prepare your courses with Exercice Creator , without typing a note ! More than 56.000 presets.

Orchestration and arrangements: Finale includes Band In A Box engine

FINALE 2004 for audio: sound rende ring of your scores close to real performers. FINALE 2004 includes its own sample bank and a powerfull interpretation enrichement "Human Playback". An outstanding result !

Nashvert Production

Fernand Deroussen is recording natural sounds for 20 years and could be presented as a sound landscape designer. Found of ornithology, he started recording birds in 1985. In 1992, he founded Nashvert Production and since then published 80 CDs dedicated to natural sounds. This collection is deposited at Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle and updated on a regular basis. In 2004, he created SONATURA, of which he is president, in order to publish the first sound periodical dedicated to natural sounds. He will present several products and part of its 15000 sound samples.

Celemony Software GmbH

  • Web site:
  • Stand manager: Peter Neubäcker
  • Dates: October 13-17

Melodyne software: sound recording and editing application with automatic pitch detection of notes recorded by the instrument. Data manipulation (tempo, pitch, scale, rhythm, phasing), transposition, stretching/compression, morphing.

Wilhem Heckel GmbH

  • Web site:
  • Stand manager: Ralf Otto Reiter
  • Dates : October 16-22

Bassoon manufacturer working in collaboration with Ircam.


  • Web site:
  • Stand manager: Marc Sirgy
  • Dates: October 13-17

EoBody : Sensors to MIDI interface, developed in collaboration with Ircam.

Cahiers de l’ACME

Monthly publication in French dedicated to computer music and sound professionals. Coverage of festivals and events linked to electro-acoustic music. Diffusion of musical, audio and MIDI publications, notably those with educational/professional interest.

From Wednesday, 13 to Friday, October 22, 10:00am-06:00pm / IRCAM, Labo 5

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