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Day by day program / October, 2004

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October 13-22, 2004, IRCAM, Paris

Musical writing: from score to live electronics

Interpretation: analysis, interaction, improvisation

Resonances is now an important meeting place for the scientific community. Its main goal is to bring an up-to-date and detailed presentation on new artistic trends and research issues dealt with at Ircam.

After two successful editions dedicated to listening and performance, Resonances 2004 will focus on writing and interpretation.

Faced with increasing multi-disciplinarity and the ever more systematic use of real-time procedures on stage, numerous evolutions have been initiated by, and integrated into, music and live performance.

Increasing computer speed is drastically changing the traditional distinction between synthesis and sound processing in real and non-real time, thereby also modifying their related aesthetical approaches. What's more, the prospect of an organology, extending to new instrument-making and new gestures, implies an evolution in the artistic role of the performer. Presently, much research and technological development (automatic performer following, extension to gesture and voice following, improvisation rules, emergence of the first intelligent synthesizers respecting musical rules, etc.) is focused on the arrival and anticipation of new forms of writing.

Faced with such questions and in view of the present state of the art, Resonances hopes to present an innovative look at processes of writing and interpretation.

Copyright Ircam - Centre Pompidou 2004. Photos: Akira Natchi.