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Day by day program / October, 2004

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Events for Professionals

International Conference in "Performance: aesthetics, theory and practice"

From the point of view of the instrumentalist or the musicologist, the question of interpretation is central to any discussion into music and the role of the performer. Whether in the hands of a Maestro or a "grande traditore", it has always been fundamental to the definition of musical aesthetics. Interpretation, it could be said, is what brings contemporary music to us.

It seems paradoxical then, that within the francophone sphere, this issue is the object of very little scientific investigation. As a prelude to the three international musical epistemology conventions dedicated to these issues, this conference hopes to fill the present void and provoke reflection around this major issue of musical study.

What constitutes an interpretation? What types of musical discrimination are at play? Reading, segmentation, annotation, gests, breathing and projection in time, all demand and rely on numerous analytical judgments. Much work goes into the interpretation of a work: the practicing of the score, the fragile production of music at the moment of execution during the concert, but there is also the interpretation of the study of the work, the re-reading of a tradition, the reconfiguration of the relationship between musical notation and its audible execution, between the intimacy of the text and its exteriorization.


Ircam-Centre Pompidou, "Contemporary creation and artistic reflection" welcome team n° 3402, from Marc Bloch University, Strasbourg and the Société française d’analyse musicale (SFAM).

Scientific committee

Jean-Michel Bardez, Jean-Marc Chouvel, Nicolas Donin, Marta Grabocz, Michel Imberty, Hugues Vinet.

First day | Monday, October 18
Second day | Tuesday, October 19
Improvisation with computer workshop | Wednesday, October 20

10:00am-01:00pm and 02:30 pm-06:00pm / IRCAM, salle Igor-Stravinsky, Espace de projection

  • Access conditions: registration
  • Prices: 2 days (October 18 & 19) 40 euros (20 euros for students) ; 3 days (October 18, 19 & 20 including improvisation workshop): 60 euros (30 euros for students)

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